Fun Unique Things To Do in St Louis

November 8, 2018

I spent a couple of weekends exploring St Louis. I ate way too much BBQ and sampled too many donuts for my own good but I came away impressed with all the unique things to do in St Louis. It’s an amazing city with more to offer than just the Gateway Arch. I had no idea. From restaurants that have been around for ages, to re-purposed buildings and street art, here are a few fun things to do.

Unique St Louis Hotels

Union Station Hotel: In 1894, St Louis literally became the Gateway to the West when Union Station opened. At that time, it was the world’s largest and the busiest train station. Just the roofed trainshed covered forty two train tracks. At one point 100,000 passengers a day passed through the station.

In the 50’s and 60’s, with airplane travel becoming more easily available, train travel decreased. The station was too expensive to maintain so in 1985, after an extensive renovation, it reopened as a hotel.

Now a member of the Historic Hotels of America and a National Historic Landmark, the Union Staion Hotel has over 500 rooms, a Grand Hall, which includes a bar, a water feature outside under the trainshed, that features a nightly fire and light show and a restaurant.

While the entire hotel is amazing, the star is the Grand Hall. Even if you aren’t staying at the hotel, it’s definitely worth stopping by to see it. It’s a huge and I mean huge, arched ceiling with frescoes, mosaics, gold leaf details and stained, hand cut, Tiffany glass. It’s stunning

So while sipping a classic cocktail at one of the longest bars I’ve ever seen, you can sit back and watch the 3D light show they have nightly. If you are hungry, they have a really great burger too.

Unique St Louis Restaurants

Lombardos: In town since 1934, this restaurant IS St Louis. Family owned and operated, they serve authentic Italian food featuring pasta, steaks and seafood. There are a couple of locations but I dined at the one conveniently located across the street from Union Station. I had the fried ravioli, which is a must when in St. Louis and some of the best garlic cheese bread I’ve ever had. It’s always a good sign when you see a bar full of locals. A testament to great food and service.

The Fountain on Locust: If you ever wanted to have a meal in an old Stutz auto showroom, put the Fountain on Locust on your list Hip and decorated with hand painted art deco designs, they serve delicious made from scratch food and cocktails.

While their food is delicious, it’s their ice cream and boozy desserts that makes it one of the most unique things to do in St Louis. Generally, I’m not a huge ice cream fan but theirs, sourced from a dairy in Wisconsin, is so good, I would eat it every chance I got. All the sauces and toppings are made in house too. If you’ve only ever had chocolate sauce out of a bottle, you don’t know what you’ve been missing.

I also loved the fact that a lot of the cocktails were named after famous St. Louisans. I had a gin based, T. S. Eliot, after the poet born on Locust Street.

A Unique Speakeasy

Thaxton Speakeasy: The perfect Speakeasy should be secret, hidden and dark with great cocktails. Thaxton checks all the boxes. They are the only password protected bar, or underground lounge as their website states, in St. Louis. Located in the Historic Thaxton building downtown, you enter street side and go into a room they use for events and down the steps into the cozy basement turned bar. The whole experience IS prohibition.

They have friendly and knowledgeable bartenders mixing classic drinks. I ordered an Aviation, which can be a tricky drink to make but it was perfectly done. There is live music on Thursdays, some other special events and industry nights from time to time. You can sign up to receive the weekly password on their website by providing your cell or an email.

Unique St Louis Places

The Grove: Located in Forest Park area of St Louis, The Grove, was once called Adam’s Grove in the 1950’s. It was a busy commercial district back then After experiencing a decline, the area has been brought back to life and revitalized. It’s now home to over fifty businesses and is booming again. There’s a brewery, multitudes of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and street art galore.

St Louis Public Library: Ever since I worked in the library in elementary school, I’ve had a thing for libraries, so when I happened upon the Manolo Valdes’ sculpture ‘Butterflies’ on the outside terrace of the St Louis Public Library, I was immediately drawn to it. Unfortunately, it was my last day so I didn’t get to go inside.

After doing some research when I got home, I learned the library, built in 1912, had closed for a renovation a few years ago. The city, wanting to add more access to the public while preserving the beautiful building, increased space by 45%, added a three story atrium and removed some of the book stacks to show off the space. It’s beautiful inside and out. The Manolo sculpture was just the first step of real butterfly garden they are hoping to add. I’m definitely making time to go inside when I’m there next time.

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More St Louis Activities

St Louis offers so much fun stuff to do. It’s especially great for families because a lot of activities are free. The St  Louis Zoo, The St  Louis Science Center, and the Missouri Botanical Gardens all have free admission for kids. Some special exhibits may have fees.

I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t make it to the City Museum. It looks like such a fun place.

While in St Louis, don’t miss out on the wonderful donut shops in the area. I wrote about visiting some of them here. Drop me a comment below if you know of some other unique St Louis attractions that shouldn’t be missed.

Getting to St Louis

Getting to St Louis is very convenient. Because of it’s central Midwestern location, flights into Lambert International Airport (STL) are no more than a couple of hours from most major US cities. TSA Pre-check is available at the airport, but at the time of writing, Clear is not available yet.

Car rentals are a quick shuttle ride away with plenty of gas stations nearby for fill ups when you return your rental.

Valet or self park is available at Union Station Hotel. Check their website for current prices. This whole area is under construction since they are adding an Aquarium and other attractions in this area. Coming Fall 2019 and expected to be open 365 days a year!

Getting around St Louis

Getting around St Louis is super easy for a big city. Traffic was never congested. Although I heard others complaining about it, coming from Atlanta, it was a breeze. I didn’t use any public transportation while I was there but I did Uber a couple of times.

Street parking is metered but very affordable. It’s $.25 for every fifteen minutes. Free on Sundays and after 7pm Monday through Saturday. In some areas there are parking lots where you can pay to park. They cost a little more but I found them to be mostly affordable as well. You can use your credit card to pay. The City has also provided a website that helps you find downtown parking. There were only a couple of areas that I had trouble finding parking, mainly because it was a new city for me and I really didn’t know where to look. The Grove was one of those areas.


  1. Lauren

    I’ve only visited St Louis as a kid and would love to return as an adult. I love those dinosaurs and looks like quite a bit of art scene. Also, that food is making me hungry just looking at it!

  2. Southerner Says

    The art is great! I couldn’t post all of the photos I had of the art. There’s actually an entire wall that runs along the river that’s all murals. You should definitely go back as an adult. It’s a great city!

  3. Cynthia | Adventuring Woman

    That Grand Hall is AMAZING! It’s too bad it had to close as a train station, but what a wonderful hotel. St. Louis looks chock full of fun historical architecture and some great street art. Definitely want to visit this city on the Great River Road road trip! 😉

  4. Southerner Says

    That would be great Cynthia! That road trip sounds like a great one! Can’t wait to follow along. I loved the Grand Hall too. It is stunning!

  5. Kara DiDomizio

    Love St Louis and he University district as well! the Grove looks like a fabulous place to explore and the speakeasy looks great. I would love to visit and stay in the Union Station hotel, too.

    The Art Museum near the zoo is one of my favorite places and also free and therefore made it quite worth it, but is another remnant from the 1893 World’s Fair and even features lots of impressionism art and Egyptian mummies. It is worth a visit if you haven’t been! The City Museum is definitely fun but every time I have been its been terribly crowded.

  6. Southerner Says

    No I haven’t been to the Art Museum or the the City Museum. I tried to go to the City Museum but it was raining the only day I had to go and since a lot of it is outside I was afraid to. Hope to check it out next time. Thanks for the suggestions.

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