About Southerner Says

Welcome to Southerner Says, a blog about road trips, travel and all the good stuff found along the way. Most of my travel is in the Americas, but that’s not to say you won’t see me in some other countries from time to time. I do love European coffee.

Here’s what else you might find:

Real Travel

I believe in real authentic travel. If I write about it, unless otherwise noted, I’ve been there. No photoshopped or pretend places. I also believe you don’t just have to go to the most popular places or destinations to have a good time. There are many underrated cities and overlooked small towns to visit. I love finding them and introducing them to you.

Anything Goes

I love to travel. Period. So if that means adjusting my budget to see a place I want to see, then I’m all for it. For me money saved means more travel. So while I won’t turn down a 5 star experience, if it requires sleeping in a tent, a hostel or even my car to get to get me there, I’m in! I realize not everything is for everyone so I always try to include mid-range budget options.

Road Trips

I’ve been road tripping since I was a baby and my parents put a mattress on the back seat so I could sleep. I truly believe that road trips are the best way to see a destination. It presents a unique educational and bonding opportunity and allows you to travel at your own pace; stop when you want to and move on when you don’t. Not to mention budget friendly. I love finding places that surprise me, teach me something and stay with me forever.

Public Lands

National park sites and public lands are a huge part of travel at Southerner Says. In fact, I have a goal to visit as sites many as possible. They offer a great way to see pieces of our beautiful, diverse country affordably. One of my favorite things to do is camp in the national park campgrounds.

Solo travel

Maybe it’s because I’m a only child and grew up doing things alone but I’m a huge fan of solo travel. Sadly there are a lot of people that would never consider taking a solo trip for fun. Especially women my age (GenX). Solo travel isn’t about being selfish or traveling just so you can do what you want to do all the time. Among other things, it’s a learning experience and a big confidence builder. You are learning to rely on yourself and use skills you might not otherwise use in your daily life.

The South

As a self proclaimed southern ambassador, it’s important for me to promote southern travel. With the exception of major cities, I think the south is often overlooked and highly misunderstood. It’s my responsibility to get you to the best places so you will love the south as much as I do.


I fell in love with Mexico when I was fifteen. I still regularly travel there and have always felt totally safe. The things I love about it are a huge part of who I am. So far, I’ve visited about half of the states in the republic and hope to see them all one day.

Food & Favorite Things

Forever in a struggle over which one I love the most, beaches and mountains are two things you’ll see a lot of on here. Along with all day breakfast, tacos and BBQ. Additionally I’m almost, but not quite enough, embarrassed to admit how many times I brake for breweries, wineries and distilleries. It’s road trip, eat, (and drink with a dd) repeat y’all!

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