How to Drink Like a Local | Little Rock’s Locally Labeled Passport

Rebel Kettle part of Little Rock's Locally Labeled passport

I wasn’t a beer drinker. In fact, I hated beer. It wasn’t until craft breweries started popping up and I tried real beer, (please don’t throw your can of Budweiser at me) that I truly became a beer lover. Obviously, I’m not the only beer lover either. The way breweries and craft beer have taken off in the last ten years is incredible. Mid-summer of 2019, there were a 1000 more craft breweries operating in the US than the previous...

Making a Stop in Macon | Visiting Ocmulgee Brewpub

Ocmulgee Brewpub

Almost smack dab in the middle of the state of Georgia lies Macon, the “Heart of Georgia”. If you’ve driven south to Florida on Interstate 75. you drove right by or maybe even stopped. Macon isn’t a small city. In fact it’s the fourth largest in the state of Georgia. However, it’s somewhat overlooked in comparison to Atlanta, just a couple of hours north. It’s location in the middle of the state, made Macon was a good meeting point for...