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22 Incredible Things To Do in Little Rock

My love of Little Rock started with cheese dip. As an introduction to this wonderful city, I was fortunate to be invited to participate in a “Savor Arkansas” where I ate my way through the city and attended the World Cheese Dip Championship held annually in the fall.

It was the perfect opportunity to learn more about the Natural State. I love to travel and there’s nothing I enjoy more than finding places that make me want to return again and again. Especially when it’s a southern place.

Little Rock is one of those places now. After that first visit, I’ve been back a few times and I tell everyone that will listen about Little Rock. It genuinely is one of my favorite places in the U.S.

If you haven’t been to Little Rock yet – add it to your travel list. Centrally located, affordable, friendly – with way more to do than what’s on this things to do in Little Rock list. One visit and you’ll understand why I’m big on Little Rock and why you should be too!

Things to do in Little Rock

Little Rock is conveniently located in central Arkansas. Situated perfectly to some other big cities, it’s the ideal stop, or a good base, for an Arkansas road trip. Since there are so many things to do in Little Rock, it’s easy to spend three or four days exploring.

With a variety of fun and educational things to do, Little Rock makes a great vacation destination for families, couples, groups and even solo travelers. Here’s where to start your visit.

Tour Central High National Historic Site

One of the most important historic sites in the country and one of the top things to do in Little Rock is Central High School National Historic Site. This national park, on the U.S. Civil Rights Trail, was the epicenter of Little Rock’s 1957 school desegregation crisis and is a must see when visiting Little Rock.

There are a couple of ways to tour Central High School. Since it’s still an operating school, visitors can reserve a ranger led tour to go inside. Or if you prefer to do a self-guided tour, grab a map at the park’s visitor center and start with the interpretive information and few photographs to set the stage.

Once you leave the visitor center, move on to the nearby gas station where reporters gathered and called in their story during the crisis. Lastly, visit the school, the reflection pond out front and the touching memorials nearby. They serve aa reminders that we’ve come a long way since then but there’s still plenty of work to be done.

If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?

Rep. John Lewis

Peruse the ESSE Purse Museum

There are only three purse museums in the world and the ESSE Purse Museum in Little Rock is one of them. What’s so impressive about ESSE is that everything in the museum, is from a private collection! That’s right. One woman loved purses so much, she collected enough to create a museum.

Travel through the decades while looking at all sorts of purses and bags and their contents. It’s interesting to see how the objects we carry around with us have evolved over time. The museum’s founder, Anita Davis’s belief is that a woman’s purse is not just a bag but an extension of her and her things – her essence. Therefore ESSE!

The ESSE museum offers special exhibits that rotate quarterly. And don’t miss the museum store with purses, bags and other items from around the world for purchase.

Browse the Clinton Presidential Library

One of the perks of having a president elected from your state is that when he (or she) leaves office, a presidential library that holds memorabilia from the presidential term will be built somewhere in the state.

The 42nd president of the United States and Arkansas native, William Jefferson Clinton’s library is in Little Rock. Besides learning about Clinton’s time in the White House, you’ll have a chance to see a replica of the oval office and items that were used to decorate the White House during those presidential years.

See personal belongings like family photos, keepsakes and the famous sunglasses and saxophone President Clinton’s played while campaigning.

Additionally, the Clinton library houses hundreds of wooden bookcases that contain in total, some 4,536 blue boxes that hold all the papers, notes and important documents from during the Clinton administration. And that’s just a small portion.

After your tour, stop by the Clinton Museum Store for souvenirs and grab a drink or a bite to eat at 42, the restaurant located on the ground floor of the library. It has a beautiful view of the Arkansas River and the Clinton Presidential Park.

Search For Street Art in Little Rock

In the last few years, Little Rock has exploded with murals and street art around town. In addition to colorful murals on found on walls and buildings, Little Rock is one of the only places I’ve seen drain art. Yes, drain art. As in storm drains that drain water from roads when it rains.

Drain Smart is an Arkansas based environmental organization is educating the public about the importance of water quality. By putting art on storm drains – that might ordinarily be overlooked – Drain Smart raises awareness about litter and where it goes when not disposed of properly.

Any trash or litter in the streets can enter the drains and eventually make it’s way into a river or stream in the watershed. Most people probably never thought about that before and that’s the point. The more you know…

You’ll find drain art – and murals – all around Little Rock. So be on the lookout.

Eat Arkansas Grown Food

Good food is so celebrated in Arkansas, there’s even an Arkansas Restaurant Hall of Fame. Some of the inductees can be found right in Little Rock. Restaurants like Lassis Inn, Franke’s Cafeteria and Burge’s Hickory Smoked Turkeys have all won awards.

Just so you don’t miss any of these famous places when visiting Little Rock, the Arkansas Restaurant Hall of Fame has created an app you can download to keep up with award winners.

In addition to these restaurants, Little Rock has just about any kind of food you could want – from fine dining to soul food and everything in between. And I absolutely love the farm to table movement going on.

Since Arkansas is an agriculture state, emphasis has been put on keeping those Arkansas grown products at home for superior quality foods and beverages that you can taste. Find out my favorite restaurants in The Lowdown on Where to Eat in Little Rock article.

Find Fun at Riverfront Park

Little Rock has made perfect use of it’s location on the Arkansas River. Pedestrian walking bridges that cross the river and green spaces along side the river offer visitors everything from wetlands to sculptures.

All this can be found in the eleven block Riverfront Park on the Arkansas river downtown. Within the park, there are playgrounds, a splash park and other fascinating historical markers and information about the history of Little Rock.

River Market – also located in the park – is the “unofficial cultural center of Little Rock” according to their website. This lively entertainment district has plenty of delicious restaurants, local shopping, and live music. It’s the place to be on a southern summer night.

Touch the Real Little Rock

Yes, there really is a little rock in Little Rock! Le Petit Roche or little rock, is the rock – along with the big rock on the north side of the river – that Bernard de la Harpe described when he wrote about his 1722 voyage up the Arkansas River. Visitors to Little Rock can visit the Le Petit Roche plaza in Riverfront Park and touch the little rock for themselves.

La Petit Roche or the real little rock along the Arkansas River in Little Rock, Arkansas
The real little rock in Little Rock, arkansas

Stamp Your Locally Labeled Passport

Long before everyone else offered beercations, Little Rock came up with the Locally Labeled Passport to central Arkansas’s ales, wine and spirits. The participants on this boozy trail include five breweries, two wineries and one distillery.

To participate, all you have to do is pick up a passport and get a sticker when you visit a venue on the list. Once you’ve filled your passport, you’ll get a t-shirt to show off your accomplishment. Even if you don’t like t-shirts – the quest of trying them all, is just part of the fun.

Admire the Designing Women House

Anyone old enough to remember the hit television show Designing Women, might remember the beautiful home in the opening credits that represented the office of the Sugarbaker sisters.

Even though the sitcom was set in Atlanta, Georgia, the real house is actually in Little Rock. Villa Marre, as it’s known, was picked for the show because of the show’s producer and his Arkansas roots. The home is just a short ride from downtown and a fun thing to do in Little Rock.

The "Designing Women" house in Little Rock, Arkansas
The Designing Women house

See a Replica of the United States Capitol Building

Bet you didn’t know that the Arkansas State Capitol Building is a complete replica of the Unites States Capitol building. The Arkansas State Capitol building was designed to look exactly like the real thing in Washington D.C. So much so, it’s even been used in movies.

Visitors can take a guided or self-guided tour. Both options are free.

the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock, Arkansas
Arkansas State Capitol

View the Little Rock Nine Monument

After visiting the capitol, head around the corner to see Testament: The Little Rock 9 Monument that commemorates the courage of the young men and women who took part the 1957 desegregation crisis in Little Rock. Those individuals are memorialized forever on this spot facing the capitol and the governor’s office window.

Located on the north side of capitol grounds, this civil rights memorial is the first civil rights monument located on any state capitol grounds in the south. It’s also included on the larger U.S. civil rights trail. Visitors can view the statues as well as plaques with quotations from each of the nine students.

A photo of the children of the Little Rock Nine at the state Capitol
Little Rock 9 with the capitol in the background

Take a Ride on a Streetcar

I love a city that utilizes its downtown area. To help visitors get around better, Little Rock offers a free streetcar service. The METRO streetcar service operates two routes seven days a week. The blue line even takes you across the Arkansas River into North Little Rock. Check their website for schedules and even a downloadable app.

The streetcar is the best way to get to Little Rock’s crowded downtown events so you don’t have to worry about finding parking.

Streetcar in Little Rock, Arkansas
Little Rock’s free streetcar

Walk a Bridge or Two

One of the best ways to see a city is by getting out and walking around. Little Rock has not one, but four pedestrian bridges that make getting around easy. These bridges connect fourteen miles of scenic trails in a loop around the city on both sides of the Arkansas River.

Connecting downtown Little Rock to North Little Rock, is Junction Bridge. This bridge was originally a railroad bridge and has been renovated for pedestrians and cyclists and is totally accessible. It’s part of the “River Lights in the Rock” that light up Little Rock every night.

Clinton Presidential Park Bridge is another pedestrian bridge located in the Presidential Park near the Clinton Library and is also part of the “River Lights in the Rock” light show.

Big Dam Bridge is the longest pedestrian and cycling bridge in North America built for that purpose. Part of the Arkansas River Trail, the bridge connects downtown with North Little Rock via Campbell Lake Park.

Two Rivers Park Bridge connects visitors to Two Rivers Park as part of the Arkansas River Trail.

Junction Bridge lit up at night in Little Rock Arkansas
The Clinton Presidential bridge lit up at night

Relax on the Front Porch of the Capital Hotel

Only in the south would you find a hotel with a front porch. The gorgeous Capital Hotel is already a Little Rock favorite but to be able to enjoy sitting and sipping on a front porch makes a guest feel right at home in Little Rock.

The Capital Hotel is conveniently located in downtown, close to the River and all the attractions. Guests could stay all weekend and never once need a car. Stay in, go out. It’s up to you. Just don’t forget some front porch time.

Stroll Through a Sculpture Garden

The Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden near Riverfront Park is one of the more unique things to do in Little Rock. This path-lined sculpture garden features over ninety works of art from renowned artists around the world.

The sculptures are crafted from a variety of materials, including bronze, steel, and stone, and are set against a backdrop of beautiful gardens and the Arkansas River. It’s a popular destination for art lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, and is so much fun to wander around and discover new sculptures at every turn.

Pig Out on Cheese Dip

When I said cheese dip is what brought me to Little Rock, you may have wondered why cheese dip? Well, that’s because Little Rock is the birthplace of cheese dip. The story goes that cheese dip, with a side tortilla chips of course, was first served in 1935 by Blackie Donnelly in his North Little Rock restaurant.

Whether you choose to believe the cheese dip legend is up to you but there has to be something to it. Ask just about anybody in Little Rock and they all have a cheese dip story. It’s so popular there’s even an event to celebrate cheese dip. Every year, Little Rock holds the World Championship of Cheese Dip where chefs, both professional and amateur, compete for the prize of best cheese dip.

And it’s kind of a big deal. Past competitions had as many as 23 different kinds of dip and volunteers packed 15,000 bags of chips for attendees. I even had the opportunity to be a judge once year! Hopefully the event will raise even more money for the local non-profit Harmony Health Clinic since they’ve joined forces with the Foam Fest Craft Beer Festival. Stay tuned for more info about 2024 dates on their official Facebook page.

As far as restaurants go, cheese dip can be found just about everywhere and in more than just Mexican restaurants. It seems every restaurant has a connection to cheese dip and loves to put their own spin on it. A couple of my favorites are the cheese dips from Heights Taco & Tamale Co. and Red Door.

Tour a Real Submarine

A submarine is not what you expect to find in a land locked, southern state but that’s exactly what you’ll encounter near Little Rock. Located across the Arkansas River in North Little Rock, the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum is the only place in the world where you can tour a tugboat that participated in Pearl Harbor, at the beginning of World War II, and a submarine that was actually in Japan during the formal surrender that ended the war.

On the tour, visitors get an up close look at the USS Razorback. After all, Arkansas is the home of the Razorbacks. The submarine is a 90% operational submarine that’s been kept almost as it was in wartime.

The USS Razorback at the Inland Maritime Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas
The USS Razorback in the Arkansas River

Sleep in a Hostel That Was Once a Firehouse

The HI Little Rock Firehouse Hostel & Museum is one of the most unique hostels I’ve ever stayed in. The building, a beautiful Craftsman style constructed in 1917, was once a real working firehouse. When modern fire engines wouldn’t fit into its tight quarters, the city used it for offices and storage. Ironically, after a fire damaged the building, the firehouse was rebuilt to be used as a hostel.

The first floor of the hostel offers a common area with a kitchen and a small museum with firehouse memorabilia. The second floor is where you’ll find the sleeping quarters. You don’t have to be a guest of the hostel just to go by and get a peek.

The hostel is conveniently located near MacArthur Park – Little Rock’s first city park – so these two activities could be combined for a fun day.

Paddle the Arkansas River

If just walking across or along side the Arkansas River isn’t enough for you, how about renting a kayak or taking a tour on the river? Rocktown River Outfitters rents paddle boards, kayaks and bikes for the day and offers guided tours and a sunset tour. Now that’s the way to see the river.

kayakers on the Arkansas River, Little Rock one of the best things to do in Little Rock, Arkansas
Photo Courtesy of Rocktown River Outfitters

Eat Sweets at a Historic Bakery

My great grandmother was a baker so I get my love of cakes and sweets from her. For sure, no one has ever had to force me into a bakery and Community Bakery is exactly the kind of bakery I love.

Old school with a touch of modern – sunny and airy just in case I want to work while I’m there. Fair warning, your head might explode trying to pick something out here’s so many choices.

Community Bakery has been in business since 1947. Their specialty is European desserts and pastries but they also make of classics and southern goodies. After looking at everything, I picked out a chocolate glazed donut and a couple of petit fours plus one of their famous sausage rolls.

A roll is what I had after eating all that! Just kidding. I didn’t eat it all at once. And If I did, I’m not telling. Put this bakery on your things to do in Little Rock list.

Sip Award Winning Spirits

Rock Town Distillery offers visitors to Little Rock a chance to sip award winning whiskey and gin. Owner Phil Brandon’s story of sheer determination to make great whiskey is almost as good as the alcohol itself.

As part of Little Rock’s “Locally Labeled” passport, Rock Town offers tours, a tasting room and a store where you can pick up your favorite whiskey, gin or flavored vodka.

Go Camping

One of the things I love most about visiting Little Rock is that there are so many natural spaces right around the city. With the Arkansas River running through town and parks galore – there is plenty of opportunity to get outside.

I love to camp so imagine my surprise when I discovered I could pitch my tent near Little Rock and still be close enough to pick up tacos from Local Lime. Now that’s a win win.

Situated on Lake Maumelle and the Arkansas River, Maumelle Recreation Area & Campground is less than fifteen miles from downtown. This park is a real gem with gravel sites, electricity, water, picnic tables and heated bathhouses.

From the park, it’s easy to explore downtown Little Rock or some of the other neighborhoods and it’s convenient to Pinnacle Mountain State Park – the highest peak near an otherwise fairly flat Little Rock.

a campsite at Maumelle Recreation Area and campground in Little Rock, Arkansas
My campsite at Maumelle Recreation Area

How to Get to Little Rock, Arkansas

Flying to Little Rock is easy and you will arrive at the Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport (LIT), conveniently located just east of the city. Visitors can fly into Little Rock via most major airlines.

Little Rock is also located near several major US interstates – I-40 and I-30 pass through the area so it’s a convenient stop or base for more Arkansas for road trips.

You could fly into Little Rock and get by without a car if you stay downtown and walk or use public transportation. There’s also Uber and taxi services. However, to thoroughly enjoy the city and some of its fun neighborhoods, it’s best to have your own vehicle.

Where to Stay in Little Rock

Little Rock has a variety of hotels for all budgets. I recommend first time visitors and visitors without a vehicle to stay downtown and use public transportation to do many of the things mentioned in this article.

Downtown, the Capital Hotel – more expensive and Hilton Garden Inn – mid-range are two of my favorites properties. There also a newish AC Hotel by Marriott in the downtown area as well. I haven’t stayed there but I love the AC Hotel concept. Check out other hotels in other area on

Little Rock FAQ

When’s the best time to visit Little Rock?

With mostly moderate weather, there’s not really a bad time to visit Little Rock. However, summers are hot and humid and winters are on the cool side. Ideally spring and fall are the best.

Is Little Rock expensive?

No. Many of the things to do in Little Rock are free. Visitors can buy passes for the METRO public transportation, use an America the Beautiful pass for Central High School Historic site and tour the Clinton Library for a minimal fee.

Little Rock is a great place for families since accommodations are very affordable and you can find a place to stay that fits within your budget.

Is Little Rock safe?

Yes, it’s safe. Of course, you’ll want to be situationally aware at all times and take precautions just like you would in any big city.

Keep an eye on your purse or wallet, never leave a suitcase of other things visible in your car and don’t invite trouble by drinking too much or drinking and driving. Read my 20 Travel Safety Tips Everyone Can Use advice.

Final Thoughts on Things To Do in Little Rock

Some of my experiences in Little Rock were provided by the Little Rock Convention & Visitor Bureau. However, I’ve been back to Little Rock on my own dime several times since that first visit. All opinions are completely mine and my opinion is: I love this city!

There’s much more to do in Little Rock, Arkansas than what’s on this list, including a zoo, more museums and many other nearby natural areas just waiting to be explored by visitors and me. So what’s your favorite thing to do in Little Rock, Arkansas? Let me know in the comments so I can check it out.

See you on the road!

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  1. Wow! Arkansas is now on the list! Thanks for all your recommendations 🙂

  2. You are welcome! It genuinely is a great place to visit and should be on everyone’s list! 🙂

  3. I will be out there this weekend! I am so excited 🙂

  4. Hey, Lori!

    You are my kind of girl!! I am a travel enthusiast and passionate photographer, although a licensed administrator/educator by profession. I visit Little Rock, Arkansas often, and have experienced several of the places you mentioned. I read that you’ve “driven thousands of miles looking for the best places, the prettiest sunsets, and the most delicious food.” So have I! Let’s hook up the next time I’m traveling to Little Rock and you can show me some “off the beaten path” places and have lunch (my treat). I meet the most interesting and welcoming people just from traveling and at times, them noticing me taking LOTS of photos -:)! As a matter of fact, I was just there on July 27, 2021, to see the “Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet” exhibit on the grounds of The William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum.” Have you seen it? If not, it’s worth seeing – and photographing, particularly since I also love public art. I am enjoying your blog; keep up the good work!

    A fellow traveler,


    1. Hi Shawn! Thanks for the kind words. I have not seen the “Cool Globes” exhibit. In fact I drove through LR just a couple of weeks ago (this is the reason for my late reply. I am traveling right now) on my way to Nevada. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to stop on this road trip but I was wondering what the special exhibit is right now. Have you visited Crystal Bridges in Bentonville yet? It’s another Arkansas must see. I have been totally surprised by Little Rock and Arkansas in general. So many fun things to see. Do you have a social media account where you post your photography? I would love to see. Also if you have a Twitter account, join me – and many others who love travel and road trip – some Monday night. I host a chat about road trips at 9pm ET. Travel people are the best and I have made some of the best friends through traveling. Maybe we can have a beer at one of those Little Rock breweries I’ve yet to visit. Thanks! 🙂

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