Road Trips


Road Trip 101: How to Plan a Road Trip

Is the open road calling your name? Do you want to plan a road trip but just don’t know where to start? While there is something to be said for spontaneity, good road trips don’t just happen. At least not cross country, high mileage road trips. You might be able to leave some things unplanned, but some advance preparation is necessary to complete a successful, fun road trip. Here’s a few tips and things to get you started. Pick Your...

10 Times Songs Made You Wish You Were on a Road Trip

highway passing in front of the Vermilion Cliffs

I love road trips. If I’m not on a road trip, I’m either planning a road trip or dreaming about one. Since road trips and music go together like cheese dip and tortillas, I made a playlist of songs that make me wish I was on a road trip. Turn up the volume! 1. U2 | Beautiful Day How can you listen to this song and not want to take a road trip and see the country? Even though the...