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Best Restaurants Where to Eat in La Paz, Baja Mexico

Planning a trip to Baja California Sur and looking for the best restaurants in La Paz, Mexico? Then this list is for you. La Paz is one of my favorite destinations in Baja California Sur. The gorgeous sunsets, beautiful beaches and a fun waterfront area that’s easy to navigate are just a few of the reasons it’s so popular.

And the food! Thanks to La Paz’s location right on the Sea of Cortez, it offers the most delicious fresh seafood and fish tacos. However, La Paz is not just about seafood. You’ll find very diverse cuisines and restaurants in La Paz. Here’s my suggestions for where to eat in La Paz, Baja Mexico.

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Where to Eat in La Paz

If the only thing you know about Baja is Cabo, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the laid back less Americanized vibe of La Paz. As the capital of Baja California Sur, La Paz is more or a working city than a tourist area. That doesn’t mean you won’t find plenty of things to do in La Paz.

The gorgeous beaches and the surrounding natural areas have made it a top destination for water activities and most famous for swimming with whale sharks.

My list of where to eat in La Paz is a combination of a little bit of everything. I’ve traveled to this part of Baja a lot by myself and I don’t always pick the most expensive places to eat. I have a tendency to find a place I like and where I feel comfortable and go back several times. Great for a traveler but not so much for a blogger writing about places to eat in a destination.

This list of restaurants in La Paz is the culmination of several visits over the last few years and you’ll find most of them are located along the malecón. What I like about La Paz is the ability to find everything from traditional Mexican food to southern barbeque and everything in between. Here’s a few places where to eat in La Paz.

Maria California

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’m okay with that, I just don’t want it to be an early breakfast. Especially on vacation. So when I discover brunch or breakfast all day restaurants, I’m super happy.

At the top of my where to eat in La Paz list is Maria California – a charming palapa style restaurant a couple of blocks from the malecón. Their breakfast is the best and I try to eat there every time I’m La Paz.

My favorite dish at Maria California is rajas con crema. Rajas are strips of roasted poblano peppers, that once roasted, are cooked with onions and simmered in cream for the finished dish. It might not sound like something you want with breakfast but trust me – served with eggs and refried beans – it’s delicious.

Besides the breakfast dishes, coffee lovers will fall in love with the “lechero” they make at Maria California. A lechero originated in the Mexican state of Veracruz – where a lot of coffee is grown. It’s not just the actual drink that makes it worth ordering but it’s the way it’s prepared as well.

First off, the waiter pours black coffee into a tall glass. Not a normal coffee mug but a tall clear glass. Next, he takes really hot, steaming milk, and holds it high above the glass and pours the milk into the black coffee. As soon as the hot milk hits the coffee – the heat of it and the height from which it’s poured – creates a frothy, bubbly mixture that makes the most perfect coffee concoction. Sweeten it however you like and enjoy this creamy coffee drink.

For the non-coffee drinkers – Maria California has a huge list of freshly prepared juices or jugos. My favorite one is a “salvavidas” or a – life saving – green juice. Made with celery, lime, cucumber and fresh orange juice, it’s delicious and very healthy.

Lic. Benito Juárez 105, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico

Giulietta E Romeo Heladeria

Strolling the Malecón after dinner – or any time – with ice cream is a favorite pastime in La Paz and I’ll admit I’ve tried several shops but Giulietta E Romeo Heladeria continues to be my favorite.

Giulietta E Romeo Heladeria is a coffee and ice cream shop, that serves pastries and sandwiches. I discovered it way back when, on my very first trip to La Paz and it’s still my go-to for morning coffee, a grilled cheese or pastry and that after dinner dessert. They specialize in artisanal, small batch ice cream with interesting flavors such as matcha and coconut. My favorite one is the coffee flavored.

This small restaurant in La Paz is in the perfect location, near the malecón, so it’s easy to grab your coffee and food before a tour or on your way out of the city. And don’t forget the ice cream.

Agustin Arreola 25, Centro, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico

Ice cream from Giulietta E Romeo, La Paz where to eat in La Paz, Mexico
The best coffee ice cream in town

Docecuarenta Casa de Cafe

As I mentioned earlier, the pandemic hit the restaurant industry hard and La Paz is no exception. Three of my my favorite coffee shops in the city closed their doors in 2020. However, I’m happy to see Docecuarenta alive and kicking.

One of reasons I like to recommend them is that they only use Mexican coffee. Makes sense right? Mexico grows coffee – you’re in Mexico – so your coffee should come from Mexico. Docecuarenta works directly with farmers to get the best product to the customer. They roast their own coffee beans and they’ve developed a cold brew that’s famous all over Baja.

Just a couple of blocks from the malecón – Docecuarenta is open all day, serving, of course, coffee but they also have pastries, sandwiches, salads, beer and cocktails. Stop by early or late. They have something for anytime of the day, the cutest selection of coffee related items for purchase and good WI-FI so you can WhatsApp all your friends.

Francisco I. Madero 1240, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico

Mariscos Bismarkcito

You can’t visit La Paz and not eat at one of the oldest restaurants in town. Bismarkcito has been serving food in La Paz since 1968. Their specialty is the fresh caught seafood. Plus they serve oysters and other fish dishes prepared to your liking from their laidback palapa bar.

My preferred fresh catch is mahi mahi – a la plancha con ajo. This area around the bar is a pleasant place to wait out the afternoon heat with a margarita and some chips and their unique salsa. Also, their salads are delish.

Paseo Alvaro Obregon entre Constitucion e Hidalgo, Zona Comercial, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico

Harker Board Co

When it comes to where to eat in La Paz, another can’t miss restaurant is Harker Board Co. Just the location on the malecón is worth going for. They’ve taken full advantage of that location and view overlooking the Sea of Cortez with several rooftops that are perfect for watching the famous La Paz sunsets. It’s the perfect spot to have a cocktail and sip the evening away while watching the sun go down.

Harker Board’s menu is a variety of bar and pub food that includes tacos, burgers, wings, pizza and salads. They also mix tasty cocktails and have a wide selection of domestic beer and beer on tap. In addition to great views and food, Harker Board has some of the best murals in all of La Paz on their buildings.

Paseo Alvaro Obregon 299, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico

J + R Ribs

Can a lover of southern food from Montana and two Mexicans open a barbecue restaurant in La Paz and call it soul food with a touch of Mexican? Turns out they can. Imagine my surprise – as a southerner -finding good barbecue in La Paz, Mexico. J&R Ribs grills their ribs until they are perfectly tender, serving them with unique, savory sauces. Even the sides – macaroni and cheese and cole slaw – would make any southern cook proud.

Calle. 5 de Mayo, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico

Marino Azul

The first time I traveled to La Paz, I stayed at Costa Baja Resort. And while I usually prefer to stay on the malecón – Costa Baja approximately 15 minutes from downtown – is worth the drive out of the city center. The resort is in a gorgeous setting right on the water with a marina, a golf course and several restaurants on site. Azul Marino is my favorite one.

Azul Marino features fresh seafood but they also serve delicious salads and wood fired pizza. Yes pizza. I told you that you could get anything in La Paz. In fact, pizza in Mexico is one of my favorite things to look for because it’s so common to find wood fired pizzas – which in my opinion are the tastiest.

Another wonderful thing Azul Marino does is they will prepare and cook your fish if you go deep sea fishing and don’t want to ship your fish home. We learned about this helpful service after an unplanned fishing trip landed us a lot of mahi mahi. The restaurant cleaned the fish and cooked it – to our liking – right on site at the restaurant. It was the best meals we had in La Paz and hands down one of the best ever.

Carretera a Pichilingue km 7.5, Local 41 Playa del, Palmira, 23060 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico

Where to Eat in La Paz Round-Up

When it comes down to choosing a restaurant in La Paz, you have plenty of choices. Besides my favorite restaurants listed here- there are plenty of other places to eat. From upscale restaurants to street tacos. Even television worthy fish tacos from the famous Taco Fish that appeared on Netflix’s Taco Chronicles series.

Also, don’t miss the chance to try regional specialties like fresh lobster – different from cold water lobster – and exotic chocolate clams. Choosing where to eat in La Paz won’t be easy but I know you’ll love it! Buen provecho!

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  1. We’re taking our first trip to La Paz in April and this helped so much! We’ve been to Mexico lots of times but never to this area. This post was really helpful. Thank you!

    1. Hi Meghan – Thank you! I’m glad you found it helpful. I hope you have the best time in La Paz and eat plenty of fish tacos. 🙂

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