Where to Eat & Drink in La Paz, Baja Mexico

June 23, 2019

Fresh orange juice and a view of the malecon in La Paz

Some of the best food, not to mention the best fish tacos, I’ve ever eaten while traveling in Mexico was in La Paz.

La Paz is located on the eastern side of the Baja peninsula in Baja California Sur. Its location right on the the pristine blue Sea of Cortez means super fresh seafood and some of the best views from the restaurants located on the beachfront malecon or boardwalk.

But it wasn’t just the seafood that was amazing. Breakfast and coffee, due to some Italian expats, barbecue, yes barbecue in Baja and even pizza, were just some of the delicious foods I found. So if you are trying to figure out where to eat in La Paz, Baja Sur here’s my suggestions.

Where to Eat Breakfast in La Paz

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a huge fan of breakfast. I don’t always like to eat early so places that offer a late breakfast or best of all, breakfast all day, are some of my favorites. Here are a few of the restaurants I love for breakfast in LP.

Maria California is on top of my where to eat in La Paz list. It was recommended by a friend lived in La Paz, as one of his favorite places. It turned out to be one my favorite places too. So much so, I went a couple of times while I was there.

The restaurant is the cutest, eclectically decorated, palapa style restaurant, that serves breakfast and brunch. Their menu features a huge list of fresh juices or jugos. My favorite was a “salva vida” green juice.

The Food at Maria California

I tried a new dish I never had before, rajas con crema. Rajas are strips of roasted poblano peppers cooked with onions and then simmered with cream. It might not sound like what you want for breakfast but trust me, it was delicious with eggs and traditional refried beans.

Also on the menu was a “lechero”. A style of coffee from Veracruz. The first step is black coffee in a tall glass. Next, milk that has been steamed in a kettle is held high above the glass and poured into it. The heat and the height from which it’s poured into the coffee causes a hot frothy mixture. Perfect coffee and the perfect way to start the day.

Lic. Benito Juárez 105, Zona Central 23000 La Paz BCS

Breakfast at Maria California
Maria California
Breakfast at Maria California in La Paz Baja Mexico
Maria California and the lechero coffee

Big Sur Coffee is another good go to place for a breakfast. I liked them before I even stepped inside because of the colorful murals outside. The art inside the shop is just as colorful and vibrant. The coffee and muffin I had was delicious and the servers were super nice. More than just coffee, they serve sweets, pastries, muffins, sandwiches, beer and they have WiFi. Not a bad place to spend the morning or anytime of the day working.

Zaragoza 16 De Septiempre N 40 23006 La Paz, BCS

Street Art of a man in a hat in La Paz Baja Mexico
Big Sur Coffee street art
Coffee and breakfast at Big Sur Coffee La Paz Baja Mexico
Big Sur Coffee

Cafe-Bar KM-0 is a great place to sit and sip your morning or lunchtime coffee. Located right across the street from the maelcon, it’s tiny with a few tables on the sidewalk. Go early to snag one of them for the best views. I have only been for breakfast but they are open all day and serve sandwiches, pasta and other Italian inspired dishes. Based on how good the coffee is, I would definitely go back for lunch or dinner.

Malecón, Paseo Álvaro Obregón, 23000 La Paz BCS

Having Lunch in La Paz

Downtown Espresso & Bar has really yummy sandwiches. You can pick up a breakfast sandwich late in the day or a lunch sandwich or panini with your afternoon frappe. Interestingly, they also serve Asian food and sushi. I have not tried it because I’m not a big sushi fan. But based on the other food I’ve had there. I would imagine it’s good. I really like the vibe of the shop. They also have free WiFi.

115-A Agustin Arriola, Mutualismo, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, BCS

Downtown Espresso Bar in La Paz
Downtown Espresso Bar

Where to Eat Dinner in La Paz

Mariscos Bismarkcito prides itself on being one of the oldest and best restaurants in La Paz. Their huge open air palapa bar, across from the malecon, is one of the best places in La Paz to sit and have a margarita, or two, and beat the afternoon heat. Bismarkcito specializes in seafood but they do have other things on the menu. Everyone always say no salads in Mexico but I have one every time I go there. They also serve this unique salsa with their tortilla chips that I’ve never had anywhere else and dream about when I’m home.

Paseo Alvaro Obregon entre Constitucion e Hidalgo, Zona Comercial, 23000 La Paz BCS

Mahi mahi at Bismarkcito in La Paz Baja one of the places to eat in La Paz.
Mahi mahi at Bismarkcito
Margarita, salad and special salsa at Bismarkcito
Terrific salads and their special salsa at Bismarkcito

Can a lover of southern food from Montana and two Mexicans serve barbecue in La Paz and call it soul food with a touch of Mexican? Yes they can.

I didn’t expect to find good barbecue in La Paz but that’s what I found at J&R Ribs The ribs were perfectly tender. with several sauces to choose from. Even the sides, macaroni and cheese and slaw, would make any southern cook proud.

Calle 5 de Mayo, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, BCS

Ribs at JR Ribs La Paz BCS
Ribs and sides

I’m kind of kicking myself for not trying Harker Board Co before this last trip. They have the best views in La Paz for watching the sun go down on their roof top deck(s). Not to mention some pretty tasty pizza. I’ve also heard good things about their burger and I’ve yet to find a burger in La Paz. So next time.

In addition to their delicious food and views, they also serve up some nice cocktails. The palomas hit the spot as I watched the sunset.

Make sure to take time to check out the murals on their building and see why they are the total package and on my list of where to eat in La Paz, Baja.

Paseo Alvaro Obregon 299, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, BCS

Dessert in La Paz, Baja

Ice cream is very popular in Mexico. In fact all over the country you can easily find some great shops with interesting flavors. It’s no different in La Paz. Here’s a few of my favorite ice cream shops to enjoy after dinner or anytime of the day.

At the top of my list is Giulietta E Romeo Heladeria, a cute coffee and dessert shop featuring artesanal, small batch ice cream. They serve traditional flavors but since they have such good coffee, I love their coffee flavored ice creams. You can choose cones, waffle cones or cups of ice cream.

Agustin Arreola 25, Centro, 23000 La Paz, BCS

Man and dog in front of Giulietta E Romeo Heladeria in La Paz Baja Mexico
Giulietta E Romeo Heladeria
Ice cream from Giulietta E Romeo, La Paz
Ice cream from Giulietta E Romeo

La Fuente is another good option for ice cream. They really have everything you want in an ice cream shop. Ice cream, popsicles, milkshakes, sundaes and a variety of  fancy cones.

Alvaro Obregon S/N, Centro, 23000 La Paz, BCS

So grab your ice cream and stroll the malecon. Watching the sun go down with while eating dessert is a perfect ending to the day in La Paz.

La Paz malecon at sunset
No bad days in La Paz

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